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We begin a series of advanced Vyāsa Classes on the Bādhaka (बाधक) to bring out the various ways in which this operates. Previously we have only taught rāśi bādhaka and this is a part understanding of this vast topic. In the first class we discuss what has been taught previously about rāśi bādhaka including:

  • Bādhaka from one sign to another sign including the derivation of the bādhaka principle based on Sun and Rāhu which is at the root of the bādhaka concept of rāśi and bhāva bādhaka
  • Bādhaka to one house from another house indicating how life is about balancing things
  • Bādhaka Series of Vyāsa Classes

Discussion that initiated this bādhaka series is given below:

Refer the webpage on Various Gaṇeśa Mantras

Though Venus lord of 9th house, it is terms as badhaka. but Venus is yoga karaka also Venus is not badhaka for Aquarius lagna,To be badhaka the planets other qualities must be seen. Prashna Maarga explicitly describe about Badhaka Sthana should be seen in Prashna, through it says Prashna charts can studied like natal chart but again it warned that it should be seen for particular problem the native consulting; not for full life. Chapter 15th in Prashna Maarga explains about Badhaka Houses and Badhaka House lords and its effect and remedies.such a planet should simultaneously be the ruler of the house occupied by Kharesha or Maandi. “ A planet can only become Badhaka under certain circumstances. That implies many charts may not have a Badhaka at all. This makes sense since the 11th, 9th and 7th houses often give very good results belying the nomenclature Badha itself”.         Dr.S.C.Kursija

Dr. Kursija Namaste. You have a very good point. That’s why I used the word Badha (Sanskrit बाध bādha) which does not always mean an evil like a harasser, tormentor who puts a person in danger or jeopardy. It also means someone who is a contradiction to what you believe, has an objection to what you do and tries to bring forth superior proof. I will write a detailed paper on Badhaka, or better still next Sunday Vyasa Class I teach Badhaka. Do consider joining us at these free classes.


bādha means

  • a harasser or tormentor like Rāhu;
  • the source of annoyance, distress and obstacle like Ketu;
  • molestation, affliction, pain, trouble or female disease like Venus;
  • cause of injury, detriment, hurt, damage or even danger and jeopardy to life (as in prāṇa~) like Mars or Saturn;
  • exclusion from a group or society caused by the nodes or Saturn;
  • suspension or annulment (of a rule etc.) as caused by the royal planets Sun and Moon;
  • a contradiction or objection as caused by the reasoning exercise of Mercury;
  • absurdity leading to exclusion due to superior logical proof by the intellect of Jupiter.

In essence, the manifestation of the most negative qualities of any planet is caused by its association or achieving the negative position of bādhaka

bādhaka or (female) bādhikā
means a being who is oppressing, harassing or causing all that mentioned for bādha. For example, if a feminine Venus is causing obstruction then it is called bādhikā instead of being called bādhaka. However as a general rule in jyotiṣa, the term bādhaka is applied universally for all graha, upagraha, aprakāśa graha and every element that takes on such a task of torment.

śatru bādhaka
It refers to all that which is opposing, hindering progress, injuring or prejudicing. The action is primarily inimical to the interests of the native,

refers to the act of setting aside, suspending or, annulling rules or orders thereby causing pain and suffering or explanations of spirituality and philosophy as they lack sufficient proof or in the face of superior or better proof.

refers to a particular disease of women

Sometimes there is considerable obstruction to whatever we do and no good work is accomplished. The fate seems to be obstructed and in spite of constant prodding, the obstruction persists. Bādhaka means obstruction and this can take various forms from a simple irritant at times to terrible incurable diseases.

Bādhaka Rāśi (Obstruction Sign)

Every sign has a sign of obstruction called Bādhaka Rāśi and its lord is called Bādhakeśa[1]. This is given in Table 1. For example, if the Lagna is Gemini, then the Bādhaka sign is Sagittarius and its Lord Jupiter becomes the Bādhakeśa. Some signs have been shown to have two lordships namely Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. That happens due to the lordship caused by the Moon and the lunar nodes Rāhu and Ketu. We have taken into account the svakṣetra and mūlatrikoṇa of the planets where Moon has mūlatrikoṇa in Taurus, Rāhu in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces whereas the svakṣetra of Rāhu is Aquarius and that of Ketu is Scorpio.

Table 1: Bādhaka Sign

Rāśi Bādhaka Rāśi Bādhakeśa
Aries Aquarius Rahu & Saturn
Taurus Capricorn Saturn
Gemini Sagittarius Jupiter
Cancer Taurus Venus & Moon
Leo Aries Mars
Virgo Pisces Jupiter & Ketu
Libra Leo Sun
Scorpio Cancer Moon
Sagittarius Gemini Mercury
Capricorn Scorpio Ketu & Mars
Aquarius Libra Venus
Pisces Virgo Mercury & Rāhu

Derivation of Bādhaka Rāśi

The list of Bādhaka Rāśi is very systematic and can easily be remembered. For Movable, Fixed & Dual Signs the sign of obstruction/evil (bādhaka) is the 11th, 9th, & 7th house respectively and the bādhakeśa is the lord of the sign of obstruction/evil.

[1] Bādhaka means obstruction and Isa means the Lord. Thus, Bādhakeśa refers to the Lord of the sign of obstruction. Another synonym for Bādhaka is Vighna and for Bādhakeśa is Vighneśa which refers to Gaṇeśa, the remover of obstacles. That is why Gaṇeśa is always worshipped before commencing any prayer or Pooja. The twelve names of Gaṇeśa (given by Nārada Muni) as given in the Gaṇeśa Yantra (Fig 5-6) remove the obstruction from the twelve signs.

Author: Sanjay Rath