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Bādhaka #01

We begin a series of advanced Vyāsa Classes on the Bādhaka (बाधक) to bring out the various ways in which this operates. Previously we have only taught rāśi bādhaka and this is a part understanding of this vast topic. In the first class we discuss what has been taught previously about rāśi bādhaka including:

Bādhaka from one sign to another sign including the derivation of the bādhaka principle based on Sun and Rāhu which is at the root of the bādhaka concept of rāśi and bhāva bādhaka
Bādhaka to one house from another house indicating how life is about balancing things
Bādhaka Series of Vyāsa Classes

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Vyasa Class Audio

Various topics have been discussed in previous vyasa classes. These are made available for your study and record. You are welcome to download these audio files. We do not have video records nor any handouts for your reference. Some of the recordings are of poor quality and if you manage to clean them, please give us a copy for uploading here.

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Āruḍha and Siblings

First Vyāsa Class

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