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Dhana Karaka Workshop

Śrī Jagannāth Center announces its first workshop in the study of Dhana Yoga. This workshop shall lay the foundation for the study of wealth and career directions. There are three pivots to the study of life and these are the three charts – lagna, sūrya and chandra chakra. The role played by each of these charts is to be examined in the first day of this two-day workshop. On the second day, we examine the role of Devaguru Bṛhaspati as the kāraka. It is interesting that all three sattva guṇa planets – Sun, Moon and Jupiter play such an important role in life.

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Janma Rasi Webinars

We have planned a webinar on Janma Rashi, which is going to be a continuation of what we have learnt so far. Please make it…

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Relationships Workshops

Devaguru Bṛhaspati Centre (DBC) announces its series of Vyāsa Workshops to be held at Delhi, India.

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By V.K.Chawla
What is a divisional Chart Introduction Maharshi Parasara has prescribed 16 divisional charts in BPHS. As Sh Narsimha Rao wrote in his article that Sage Parasara even before he defined what different houses stand for, he defined the divisional charts and lists the matters to be judged in each divisional chart. It is clear that he considers divisional charts to be a very important visionary of Jyotisha and these touched me too. The divisional chart based on the 10th division of signs, the current topic of discussion is called Dasamsa or Dasamamsa or Karmamsa or Swargamsa. The Dasamsa chart is very easy to cast. Each sign is divided into 10 equal parts. If the Rasi is odd, the 10 parts of the Rasi go into the 10 consecutive Rasis starting from that Rasi itself. If the Rasi is even, the 10 parts of the Rasi go into the 10 consecutive Rasis starting from the 9th Rasi from the Rasi in consideration.

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Bādhaka #01

We begin a series of advanced Vyāsa Classes on the Bādhaka (बाधक) to bring out the various ways in which this operates. Previously we have only taught rāśi bādhaka and this is a part understanding of this vast topic. In the first class we discuss what has been taught previously about rāśi bādhaka including:

Bādhaka from one sign to another sign including the derivation of the bādhaka principle based on Sun and Rāhu which is at the root of the bādhaka concept of rāśi and bhāva bādhaka
Bādhaka to one house from another house indicating how life is about balancing things
Bādhaka Series of Vyāsa Classes

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Vyasa Class Audio

Various topics have been discussed in previous vyasa classes. These are made available for your study and record. You are welcome to download these audio files. We do not have video records nor any handouts for your reference. Some of the recordings are of poor quality and if you manage to clean them, please give us a copy for uploading here.

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Janma Rasi

The Moon sign is one of the most important positions in vedic astrology. Normally we refer to the moon sign as Janma rāśi and the Moon constellation as janma nakshatra.
The moon is cool and moist and like saturn it has strength to battle when in the southern latitudes. While saturn is karaka for longevity the moon is the giver of longevity. It governance the mind of man and it is necessary that the starting letter of a person’s name should be in harmony with the moon. In a similar way the various houses and planets and yoga should be in harmony with the moon for the native to enjoy benefits from such bhavas, planets and yogas in his life.
Keeping this in mind will begin a series of classes to study the position of the moon.

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SoHamsa Free Courses

A lot of our courses are going to be old enough to be marked as ‘Free’ as the cost of their creation has been covered.

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Marriage and Relationships Workshop

Devaguru Bṛhaspati Centre (DBC) announces its series of Vyāsa Workshops to be held at Delhi, India.Every aspect of life is touched inconsiderable detail as a new bond is made. This implies every bhāva affecting the seventh bhāva of relationships in some manner or the other as well as the navāṁśa. Yet before we venture into the varga and other deeper subtleties of relationships, we need to understand the rāśi chart itself.
Matching is not just a guṇa score where the traditional belief that a high score indicates great marriage has already been proved to be so wrong. We plan this for a future workshop where we shall study guṇa matching in some detail. Our plan for the start is to do some useful jyotiṣa where we are going into the teachings of the purānic jyotiṣa.

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Āruḍha and Siblings

First Vyāsa Class

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