Dhana Karaka

Dhana Kāraka One Feb 2017: Pt. Sanjay Rath

Saturday, 18 Feb 2017: Sun and Moon
Sūrya is the controller of Rajas guṇa. We learn about Sūrya Kendra and the position of the four digpāla, especially Kubera the controller of wealth in the horoscope. We get to see why some people are truly blessed and have a greater access to wealth resources due to the blessing of Kubera. The effect of parivartana as well as double parivartana shall be examined alone with some case studies so that the concept of Sūrya Kendra becomes very clear.
Chandra is the suppresser of Tamas guṇa. Chandra kendra play a crucial role in deciding the four ayana – dharma, artha, kāma and mokṣa. We develop the theme from asta lagna and amalā yoga to show why the tenth bhāva from Chandra Lagna is so important for initiating one’s career and path. After all the mind is the real boss of the being. In addition, we learn some Chandra Yoga as taught by Parāśara including sunaphā, anaphā and durudharā yogas, chandra upachaya yoga including the derivation of upachaya based on asta lagna. Kemadruma yoga, daridra yoga and natural maturity will be touched.

Dhana Karaka Day One

Sunday, 19 Feb 2017: Dhana Karaka Brhaspati
The benediction of Jupiter, the guru of the devas. Examine its power to enhance abilities by association. Kāraka Bhāva – examine the 2nd, 11th and 5th, 9th bhāva signified by Jupiter. Free movement of graha is like free flow of sound waves. We study how graha in adjoining bhāva or argala bhāva affect this free flow of Guru kṛpā. The power of Guru’s blessings can be clearly seen in the lives of Lata Mangeshkar and some such blessed souls. We learn how this shows in the chart and how Jupiter can represent the blessings of Īśvara.
We examine some Dhana Yogas in this first Workshop on Dhana.

Dhana Karaka Day Two

Video Files

All video recorded and donated by ‘Prem Gupta’ as shram-daan for Mahadeva

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Author: Sanjay Rath