Janma Rasi

The Moon sign is one of the most important positions in vedic astrology. Normally we refer to the moon sign as Janma rāśi and the Moon constellation as janma nakshatra.
The moon is cool and moist and like saturn it has strength to battle when in the southern latitudes. While saturn is karaka for longevity the moon is the giver of longevity. It governance the mind of man and it is necessary that the starting letter of a person’s name should be in harmony with the moon. In a similar way the various houses and planets and yoga should be in harmony with the moon for the native to enjoy benefits from such bhavas, planets and yogas in his life.
Keeping this in mind will begin a series of classes to study the position of the moon.

This first Atri class on janma rashi depicts various houses from chandra lagna or the moon and goes on to examine courage and valour, extra marital relationship, work and so many other things.

Janma Rasi Introduction

Author: Sanjay Rath